Reduce employee conflicts and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

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CA Sexual Harassment

Perfect for all employees and managers, this course introduces learners to sexual harassment prevention laws in California, USA and shows how to identify and end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Category: Workplace Harassment

Recommended: All businesses in California

Time: 1 day

Federal Sexual Harassment

Recognize, manage and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Meet compliance and help employees understand workplace harassment better.

Category: Workplace Harassment

Recommended: All businesses in California

Time: 1 day

Importance of Sexual Harassment Training

  • Address the Code of Conduct
  • Establish a proper code of conduct with the help of the Sexual Harassment Training sessions. Reinforcing a standardized code of conduct helps to address and minimize cases of sexual harassment at the workplace.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Sexual Harassment Training empowers businesses to boost the productivity of their employees by helping them to work without suffering from stress, anxiety or fear. Conducting online employee training reflects that the company cares about their welfare.

  • Minimize Risk
  • Often sexual harassment cases are left ignored by employees, hoping it will go away on its own. Such negligence, in fact, makes the situation worse. By addressing the issue, businesses can minimize the risk of sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Clarify Preventative Measures
  • The best way to enforce anti-sexual harassment rules is by letting employees know what is tolerable and what isn´t. Sexual harassment training helps organizations to ensure that all employees are aware of the preventative measures.

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    Benefits of Online Sexual Harassment Training

  • No Complicated Software
  • Online compliance training sessions mean that trainers or trainees don´t have to worry about using special software in order to access the training session. All they have to do is log in, complete the training and get their results.

  • Easily Schedule Training
  • Holding sexual harassment training sessions online makes it possible to easily schedule training for a geographically dispersed workforce. Employees can attend the training session from the comfort of their homes, at any given time.

  • Social & Mobile Learning
  • Employees can access online sexual harassment training sessions using tablets such as iPads, Google Nexus or smartphones like iPhone or Android. Training courses & online assessments can also be shared on Facebook & Twitter.

  • Self Paced Learning
  • Online sexual harassment training sessions allow employees to set their own pace for the training sessions. They can pause and resume the course whenever they like or even retake it if they need a refresher course.


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