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How can an LMS Improve Employee Training?

A learning management system is a software application that automates the entire process of administration, tracking, reporting, and delivery of training programs. An LMS helps users in performing the most vital functions of training- User, Course, Reports, and Records Management. Besides, providing a continual source of knowledge for the employees, an LMS manages the training process of a dispersed workforce with diverse training needs efficiently. The trainees enjoy a personalized learning experience, upgrade their skills as per altering market requirements and develop proficiency in meeting their job roles. Auto-grading and tracking feature of LMS keep a close watch on the trainees and evaluate their performance as well as identify any need to upgrade the courses. Quizzes and tests at the end of each lesson assess the retention rate of the learners. Customized certificates motivate learners to improve their performance. Web-based LMS encourages learning during preferred hours. Informative LMS facilitates micro-learning that helps employees to quickly brush up their knowledge and recollect data.

Reduce Training Expenses

Deliver employee trainings online without spending a fortune
Reduce Training Expenses

Embrace a paperless way to conduct employee trainings. Save time and cost overruns on scheduling frequent classroom trainings or buying expensive training materials. Create and manage highly- efficient and cost-effective trainings from a single platform that can be circulated to your entire workforce over and over, with a single click.

  • Conduct paperless trainings
  • Reduce reliance on classroom trainings
  • Enhance training efficiency

Save Training Time

Train new hires and existing employees faster than ever
Save Training Time

Motivate employees to take charge of their trainings to save precious time. Add any number of learners and instructors in a single-click. Assign courses directly to learners or designate learning paths to ensure employees know what courses to complete and when. You can also specify the order in which employees undertake trainings to avoid confusions and improve training and learning outcomes.

  • ‘Classrooms’ administer training effectively
  • ‘Learning Paths’ reduce course completion time
  • Designate training according to priority

Conduct Trainings Anytime, Anywhere

Promote location-independent learning with Android and iOS friendly trainings
Conduct Trainings Anytime, Anywhere

Give your employees the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere to foster a remote learning culture in your organization. Allow employees to focus less on the commute and more on learning. Create Android and iOS friendly courses, so that employees get an immersive learning experience whenever they feel like. Send the training link over email, embed on a website or post on social-media.

  • Create courses adaptable to any OS- Android or iOS
  • Self-paced learning boost employee satisfaction
  • Share training across leading platforms

Track Trainings from Start to Finish

Easily track and manage course completions
Track Trainings from Start to Finish

Never chase an employee again for “training status.” Set-up announcements or email reminders to notify employees whenever a course is assigned or gets overdue. Monitor course completion status for single user or a group of learners; all from a single dashboard. Identify what keeps learners from completing the courses with advanced reports such as course completion time, certificates and scores. You can also set-up an expiry date for every course and persuade employees to finish courses on time.

  • Issue scores and certificates
  • Track employee progress and pain areas
  • Export data on spreadsheets

Maintain Organizational Compliance

Avoid hefty penalties resulting from compliance breaches.
Maintain Organizational Compliance

Stay on top of your compliance requirements and never pay a fine again. Educate employees about the importance of workplace safety or let them explore their potential with skill-based trainings in diverse areas such as Sales, Operations, and Support. Create trainings on topics such as OSHA, sexual harassment, HR, Customer Service and more.

  • Easily conduct compliance training
  • Templates for courses such as OSHA
  • Stay “Audit-Proof” Always

Types of Employee Training

Online Compliance Training Software for Employees
Compliance Training

Compliance Training educates your employees on the different laws, job roles, and corporate regulations that help them to maximize their potential and avoid ruining the company’s reputation.

Online Safety Training Software
Safety Training

Employee safety training promotes safety work culture in a company. It teaches employees to work under the prescribed safety measures and avoid unnecessary workplace accidents.

Online Induction Training Software for Workplace
Induction Training

Induction Training introduces recruits to their respective job roles, the company’s culture and objectives, safety measures to follow, and onboard new employees faster into the work process.

Millions use ProProfs for Online Employee Training

Building Better Working Relationships: Nuts and Bolts

Today's employee is likely to spend more time with their colleagues in the office than with their souses, children and families. Effective workplace relationships also have profound impact on organizational success by affecting such areas as teamwork, morale, retention, and productivity. Thus, understanding the fundamentals of building positive and effective workplace relationships is more important than ever

Recommended: All businesses

Time: 2 hours

Building Better Working Relationships: Relational Communication and Listening

There are many forms of communication and listening that are involved in building effective and meaningful workplace relationships. When selecting communication and listening styles, individuals will need to consider more than just simply listening and speaking to ensure successful and effective relationships. Having a fundamental understanding of the nature of personal interrelationships provides the foundation for relational communication and listening, context, and patterns. By assimilating empathy, focus, context, emotions and self-awareness into your communication and listening styles, individuals lay the foundation for forming dynamic, long-term, and deeper relationships.

Recommended: All businesses

Time: 3 hours

  • No Installation
  • Training is created automatically once you upload your content. There is No software installation or download.

  • Use Existing Content
  • Upload you existing documents including PowerPoint, Video, image or any graphics with a single click to automatically create your training.

  • Employees Love It
  • It is fun to learn and easy to use. Employees love to learn and develop themselves through training courses.

  • Automate Assessments
  • Employee Assessment will any more consume no time as they are done automatically after a test.

  • Security Controls
  • Secure your courses, surveys and quizzes with passwords and private links. Also customize access to training courses.

  • Customize Branding & Certificates
  • Upload your logo in your training content, quizzes and surveys to build your brand. Also customize certificates with your logo.

  • Mobile Compliant
  • ProProfs online employee training courses can be accessed even when you are on the move with tablets and mobile devices. Teach & learn anywhere, anytime.

  • Employee Assessments
  • Employee assessment is done automatically with quizzes and surveys.

  • Employee Tracking & Reporting
  • Manage employees through classrooms and groups. Make announcements and share tests with a single click.

  • Sell Your Courses
  • In addition to training your workforce, you can also sell online courses for further training and teaching.

  • Create Quizzes & Surveys
  • ProProfs online employee training software comes in an integrated package, enabling you to create quizzes and create surveys for assessment and research.

  • It is Simple
  • Train and develop your workforce with custom made features and it is made possible in few clicks by ProProfs.

    Employee Training is valued across Industries

    Employee training and development program can be considered as one of the most substantial business assets. Employee training is valued across industries and investing in one is a wise decision. Adequate training and development programs bring out the hidden potential of employees and improve their work proficiency. Nurturing and retaining such talents as useful assets offer a competitive advantage and benefit the company in the long run. Corporate training and development enhances employees engagement level and contributes towards their personal growth as well. Employees emerge as multi-skilled and valued assets of the company post-training sessions. They feel empowered with increased responsibilities and start contributing more towards business objectives.

    Online LMS System for Healthcare Training

    Healthcare professionals require adequate training and development to remain updated. Proper training programs create skilled medical personnel who are qualified to address the medical issues of any patient accurately.

    Online Learning Software for Hospitality Training

    Satisfied customers decide the success of any company that specializes in the hospitality business. Effective employee training program enhances interpersonal skills and reflects the company’s overall work culture.

    Online LMS System for Manufacturing Training

    Staff training in manufacturing industry teaches workplace safety measures. Effective training programs develop job-specific skills, boost work productivity and confidence of the workers as well as help prevent workplace accidents efficiently.

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    • Recommended for compliance training!
      I can safely recommend ProProfs to any of our customers requiring competency or compliance testing in multiple languages, or need an instant online assessment tool with kick-ass database capabilities!
      Steve Donaldson
      Steve Donaldson,

      Assistant Director of Media Training, IPC Training

    • Create online training & tests easily!
      Makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
      Dan LaPasha
      Dan LaPasha,

      Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

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    ProProfs online employee training software has powerful features that can effectively train your employees across several functions..

    Improve productivity per sales personnel by training the sales force strategically in a competitive marketplace.
    Meet compliance with OSHA training; enhance worker and employee knowledge
    Build and retain your customer loyalty by training your customer service team to listen and respond better.
    Help your employees explore their career opportunities and their prospects for growth in the organization.
    Human Resources Training is particularly important with respect to selecting, interviewing and hiring new employees. Create HR training to constantly upgrade and help in the growth of the organization.
    Introduce employees to sexual harassment identification and prevention to foster a safe and productive workplace.
    Harassment Training is essential to reducing and preventing the risk of expensive claims and lawsuits. Create Harassment Training for your employees and build a safe workplace.
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