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Create Engaging Content

Drive more traffic to your website
Create a Personality Quiz

Create best personality quizzes with ProProfs Quiz Maker and share them online. Use the popularity of personality quizzes to your business’ advantage. Let your quiz participants learn about their personality type through fun and engaging quizzes they will love to play and share. Quiz takers tend to share their quiz results online on their social media profiles, leading to more engagement and traffic to your website.

Generate Leads

Drive sales through personality quizzes
Generate Leads through personality quizzes

Conduct online personality tests to generate more leads and drive sales. Draw an analogy between your products and personality types through our quiz tool and in turn, boost more audience interactivity and ultimately, sales. Learn more about consumer behavior and their buying patterns. With this personality quiz maker, you can easily drive conversions, as you attract and entertain your quiz takers with personality quizzes.

  • Generate more leads
  • Boost audience interaction
  • Drive conversions
  • Know your customers better

Boost Brand Visibility

Customize quizzes to suit your branding

Make your own personality quizzes and brand them as you like. Branded quizzes encourage more participation from your target audience. Tailor-make your personality quizzes to increase your brand recall. Our online personality quizzes are highly brandable. ProProfs Quiz Maker enables you to customize quizzes with your logo, brand color, design, style, and theme. Embed the quiz on your website or blog to drive more consumers.

  • Encourage more participation
  • Increase brand recall
  • Customize quizzes
Increase your brand recall with personality test

Create a More Engaged Audience

Make quiz more interesting
Build fun personality quizzes

ProProfs Quiz Maker enables you to build interesting and fun personality quizzes. Include open-ended questions in your quiz to let quiz takers express themselves freely. Choose from a wide variety of question formats to make them more attractive. An attractive look encourages more audience to take personality quizzes. Gain insights into customers’ tastes and preferences. Remember more engaged audience shares open-ended questions online, ultimately leading to your brand promotion.

  • Build interesting quizzes
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Gain customer insights
  • Promote your brand

Explore the Varied Types of Personality Quizzes

Types of Personality Quizzes - Employee Assessment

Employee Assessment

Employee assessment or pre-hire tests cover a broad range of questions on basic intelligence, skills, and other varied areas that help to ascertain a person's basic personality and attitude.

Types of Personality Quizzes - Jung personality test

Jung Personality Test

This kind of personality quiz uses a scientific system of personality types devised by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1921 and improved upon by Isabella Myers-Briggs.

Types of Personality Quizzes - Fun personality quiz

Fun Personality Quiz

Create engaging online personality quizzes such as: Which superhero are you? What kind of cartoon character do you relate? This can be a fun way to interact and engage with your target audience.

Types of Personality Quizzes - Leadership personality quiz

Leadership Personality Quiz

Leadership personality quizzes help to explore the leadership styles of employees, their values, psychology and motivation levels.

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Learn the Benefits of Building a Personality Quiz

Increased customer engagement with personality quizzes
Increased Customer Engagement

Using personality quizzes can help companies know their customers better.

Personality quizzes help you generate more lead
More Lead Generation

Personality quizzes help you generate more leads with increased web traffic.

Personality quizzes enhanced customer service
Enhanced Customer Service

Quizzes provide you an insight into the buyer’s behavior to deliver a delightful customer service experience.

Learn employees hidden traits with personality quizzes
Learn Employees’ Hidden Traits

Conducting a pre-hire personality test helps the HR department of your organization to comprehend the “latent traits” of potential candidates.

Improve employee conduct with personality tests
No More Employee Conflicts

Employee conflicts create an unhealthy work environment. Improve employee conduct with personality tests.

Use personality tests to perform behavioral analysis
Reduced Attrition Rate

HR managers can use personality tests to perform behavioral analysis of potential job candidates and ascertain their qualities.

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